Press Release

OGB Product Workshop Excites Medical Community

COO Organica Global Brands, Mamotake Matekane

Maseru, 14 June 2022

Organica Global Brands hosted a product workshop on the 3rd June 2022 at the Mpilo Boutique Hotel. It was the culminating event to the release of their CoviCare phytomedicines into the Lesotho market since the company launched on 21st October 2022.

Headquartered in Maseru, Lesotho, Organica Global Brands is a proudly African provider of innovative health and wellness solutions that hold their foundation in the wealth of natural medicines. OGB provides quality vitality products that improve, enhance and amplify life, working with nature and science in perfect harmony.

The workshop hosted local pharmacists, pharmacy owners and doctors from around Lesotho, re-acquainting them to the CoviCare Range. The panel discussion opened questions to the floor, giving information on the tried and tested benefits of phytomedicines, as well as the new found capacity for the full scale production of pharmaceuticals within the borders of Lesotho at the state of the art Verve Dynamics Incorporated campus.  Findings of the different surveys carried out on the the effects of the CoviCare Range that were undertaken on voluntary patients were also shared along with  testimonials of people who have experienced the benefits of phytomedicines.

Organica Global Brands rest on 3 pillars of operation: pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals. The CoviCare Range is the flagship product of the pharmaceutical division of Organica, and has aided 100’s of Basotho who suffered from severe respiratory conditions in the last year. The CoviCare Range is a twin package comprising of the CoviAid Syrup and Covimmune Drops.

Despite its being birthed at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, CoviCare is actually an expectorant phytomedicine that is  effective in providing symptomatic relief  of a range  of colds, flu’s and other respiratory infections. What makes the product unique and a first for the continent is the use of CBDA as one of the major active ingredients in the products along with pelargonium sidoides and artemisia, all harvested and cultivated in the mountains of Lesotho. 

We would like to pass our sincere and heartfelt thanks to all the doctors, pharmacists and media houses that graced us with their presence. Thanks to your support, the CoviCare Range is now available at your pharmacies and GPs’ offices around the country.

This was the first of many engagements from Organica Global Brands and we hope to take Lesotho and Basotho with us in our journey of natural healing.