About Us

The Green African Renaissance

Mind, Body & Soul. The greatest gifts we have.  With all the marvels of technology we see improving our lives, it is paramount that we continually find ways to preserve and improve these gifts we have been given. Rich in history, resource and desire, Africa is ready to play its part in creating a sustainable, vibrant world for all; and Lesotho is no exception. Our treasures, abilities and resources have long been hidden, but now it is time for us to share the secrets of the land  with the world. 

Organica Global Brands signifies a new era of growth and development for Lesotho and its people. For centuries we have seen the riches of plant life healing and maintaining the wellness of Basotho. Now we see these life giving properties being harnessed through cutting edge scientific methods, packaged to perfection bringing the goodness of nature in a bottle to the world. I am humbled and excited by prospects that lie ahead of Organica: creating jobs, improving quality of life, catalysing industrial growth, and elevating the worlds perception of our beautiful country. I believe in the strength of partnerships and the importance of helping people with their everyday problems and this is what Organica will strive to do through its pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and wellness divisions for Basotho and for the world. I look forward to sharing the wonderful products Organica will be distributing and seeing them improve people’s quality of life.


With love,

Mamotake Matekane



Who we are

Headquartered in Maseru, Lesotho, Organica Global Brands is a proudly African provider of innovative health and wellness solutions that hold their foundation in the wealth of natural medicines. We provide quality vitality products that improve, enhance and amplify life, working with nature and science in perfect harmony.​

At Organica, we are proudly Lesotho, and we are proudly citizens of the world. We possess a wealth of knowledge, expertise and resources, and we express this through the provision of quality Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical products made through the union of cutting-edge scientific methods and ancient natural healing practices. We are going to change the way the world looks at maintaining preserving and improving the wellbeing of the holistic human being.​

What makes us unique

Lesotho is often seen as the land that time forgot. With rich, clean and highly mineralized water sources, globally unique topography and soil composition, unmatched air quality, and well-preserved medicinal flora, thousands of medical discoveries are waiting to happen in the safety of our mountain ridges.

It took only a willing mind to partner with innovative scientists to unearth a plethora of secrets that lie within the earth that can solve some of the greatest challenges we face today: lifestyle ailments, illnesses & diseases.

We can conduct high level Research & Development in an affordable and sustainable manner, using some the highest quality equipment, materials and the power of nature to change the way the world looks at wellness and vitality. ​

We are proud to be supplied by a world class research and development facility that does not rest in Europe or in North America, but right on our doorstop in Lesotho. 

Verve Dynamics Incorporated has employed some of the region’s best scientists to work daily with the wealth of nature produced in Lesotho at an ever-expanding Laboratory Campus, producing cutting edge botanical extracts and medicines.

“At Organica we strive to work in harmony with the land that provides the bounty we need to create our products.”

Lesotho Fact Sheet

  • Natural resources: water, agricultural & grazing land, diamonds, flora
  • Lesotho has the highest lowest point in the world resulting in high air quality
  •  Lesotho is 11, 720 square miles, but its mountainous region gives it a surface area more than 6 times is size  
  • Lesotho has over 42 indigenous species of plants that possess medicinal qualities that are yet to enter the mainstream market
  • Lesotho possesses a unique indigenous strain of cannabis that possesses uniquely high levels of active cannabinoids which can be used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes 
  • Plant varieties in Lesotho possess crop protection qualities, alleviating the need for chemicals that compromise the quality of the crops
  • Lesotho plant varietals have cleaning and detergent qualities alleviating the heavy industrial production processes that environmentally friendly