Our Products

We provide the highest quality products formed and forged by the union of nature and science. We protect and strengthen the body, enrich and enhance the skin and fortify and elevate the mind. 


We create organically sourced medicines intended to assist and compliment the health and wellness industry in caring for patients and communities the way nature intended. We address ailments, illness and diseases often caused by the rigours of a modern lifestyle and enhance the quality of life of those who use our products. ​


We create edible organic products that are intended to provide rich and potent nutrients which the modern diet often omits to ensure that the human body functions optimally and efficiently affording all the chance for a long full life.


People are more conscious of their appearance than they have ever been in the history of the world. The connection between mental wellness and physical appearance can no longer be ignored. The result is billions of dollars spent on chemical solutions that rarely work with the skin and hair as vital organs of the body.Our cosmetic solutions use only natural materials and work with the natural biology and chemistry of the body. ​

Our Maiden Product: The CoviCare Range

What is CoviCare ?

The COVID 19 pandemic has been the greatest disruptor to global living in the 21st century, highlighting the importance of respiratory health and hygiene. CoviCare, our first pharmaceutical product, is a phytomedicine solution that aids in the relief of the effects and symptoms of respiratory infections and illnesses. This is made possible by the primary active ingredients: Artemisia Afra & Pelargonium Sidoides which have been used for centuries in relieving respiratory infections in Lesotho and Southern Africa . Our CoviCare product range is further boosted by CBDA cultivated from the highest quality cannabis grown in the valleys of the Maluti Mountains.

The CoviCare range

CoviAid Syrup – A fast acting syrup that helps mild to acute cases of respiratory infection. 

Covimmune – A high potency tincture designed to provide fast relief and enhance immune strength.

CoviBoost – An immune boosting supplement designed to defend the body against chances of infection.